Any Questions? You Can Do That in Slides!

Today, Google Slides released an update that allows presenters to accept questions from the audience during a slide show.  This is such a huge bonus in terms of helping students feel comfortable asking questions.  If you have students that are a bit shy about raising their hand in class, they can still participate. 

This update will appear right away for Rapid Release users, and very soon for Scheduled Release GAFE users.  To see a preview of how it works, view this video from Google.

To use Presenter View:

  1. Open your Google Slides presentation
  2. Click the Dropdown menu next to the Present Button
  3. Choose Presenter View
  4. Choose Audience Tools and Click Start New
  5. Share your link to your audience. (Comments in Sharing settings must be enabled to allow users to ask questions)

There is also a Laser Pointer option available when you are in presentation mode.  Once you present your slideshow, you can select Laser Pointer from the floating toolbar and your mouse becomes a Laser Pointer!  Very cool!

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