Boomerang – Email Now or Later

Sometimes in my busy week, I get bogged down by the amount of emails I have to send.  With one specific aspect of my job, I have to send out daily reminders by email to students.  This usually consists of a message reminding students of organizational meetings, or messages stating that they missed a meeting.  As a result, it is a daily occurrence, and usually takes up some of my time each morning to send them out.  

Now don’t get me wrong, I already do several things to pare down this task, such as sending mass emails using Google Groups, or Canned Responses (A lab in Gmail that allows you to create pre-formatted responses or messages).  I also use Remind to send out mass Text Messages.  But sometimes, it is still necessary to send out a daily email.  

My solution, and one of the best extensions I have found recently, is Boomerang for Gmail.  This service allows users to send any message later, or remind you of any message in your inbox by returning it to the top of your inbox at a later date.

Send Later
Once you install Boomerang,  you get an extra button on your Compose screen.  This Send Later button allows you to choose a date and time for which you can send  your email message.  This means I can compose all my reminders for the week, and send them out at different times of the week all at once.  This frees me up to do other tasks Tuesday through Friday, because all my reminder work has been done up front!
Return to Inbox
Got a message that you just don’t have time to read or respond to, but its still important?  You can use Boomerang to return it to the top of your inbox later!  Just open the message and click the Boomerang Icon at the top of the message window.

You can then choose when you want your message to return.  Hours, Days, Weeks, or Months – the choice is yours.  This option has proven handy when a message comes through on a Friday afternoon, or when I’m in the middle of a big project and need to redirect my attention to the message later.  Its been a big lifesaver.

Give it a try in the Chrome Webstore and see if it helps you!

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