Google Sheets: Import Data from One Google Sheet to Another

This week, a question for the Techy Coach came through about Google Sheets.  The request asked how one could import data from one Google Sheet to another.  

The first question many people may have, is why would you do this?  There are several answers, but one could be that your original sheet may contain information that you don’t want others to see (email addresses, phone numbers, etc…).  So by importing data over to another sheet, this allows other users to see only the important information they need to see.

In my circumstance, I use an evaluation sheet for training.  One of the questions asks what attendees find valuable about the training session.  I use the responses to this question as quotes that I sometimes post in informational flyers or advertisements for training sessions.  As a result, I like to keep a running list of just those quotes.  So by importing that column of data into another sheet, I can see only that information.  Plus, I can keep a shortcut to that Google Sheet on my desktop, or in my bookmarks on Google Chrome so I can easily get to it anytime I want.

If you’re curious about how to do this, watch this tutorial.  

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