Google Drive – Why haven’t you made the switch?

Our district is working hard to incorporate more technological skills into the curriculum.    While we know we are a bit behind the rest of the world, we are doing our best to introduce Google Apps for Education to our teachers and students.  By doing so, we hope to help better prepare our students for the skills they will need to be successful in college and career fields after they leave our district.

As part of that endeavor, we are placing a Chromebook cart in each English/Language Arts classroom across the district in grades 6-12.  With that, I will be training our teachers in “All Things Google”.  In helping them, I have updated a few of my videos on Google Drive.  Here is the first.  

If you have not made the transition to using Google Docs, you are missing out on quite a bit.  Cloud Storage is one thing, but when you add the ability to create, share and publish documents on the web, you are talking about a major shift that makes life a bit easier, while also extending the walls of the classroom beyond the brick and mortar.  Hopefully this video will help you see just a small bit of what your are missing.

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