Google Forms for Discussion and Assessment

Google Forms were originally developed to survey or gather information from respondents.  But with this easy to use tool you can quiz your students, flip your classroom, or create a discussion tool.

Forms for Assessments

If you’d like to find a quick way to create quizzes without the hassle of hand scoring assessments, try using Google Forms with the Google Sheet Add-On Flubaroo.  Watch this video to see how it works:

Flip Your Classroom

If you’ve recently made the switch to a flipped classroom, Google Forms can make your life a bit easier.  To ensure that your students are watching your videos as homework, add a short Form with a few questions as a check for understanding.

Just as you can insert questions, time, date, etc… you can also insert videos into a Google Form.  Watch this video to see how:

Discussion Tool
Finally, many teachers want the ability to create the feel of a discussion forum.  Google Classroom has made some great new additions to allow teachers to post questions, but if you aren’t a GAFE district user, you’ll want to use this tip.   Try using a Google Form as a discussion tool instead.  You’ll need a website to post your form for a discussion, so I would suggest using a Google Site so you can embed your form there.  

  1. First, create your form with questions.  
  2. To add your form to your Google Site, go to the page where you want it to appear.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. Click Insert>Drive>Form
  5. Choose your form and click Select
  6. Edit your preferences and Save.
  7. Save your page.
Here’s my form.  Fill it out and provide your own answers, then see what others are doing with Google Forms by scrolling down to view the Response Sheet.

Then, to allow everyone to see the responses of others, you can embed your Google Response Sheet on your Google Site.

  1. From your Google Site, click the Edit tool to edit your page.
  2. Click Insert>Drive>Spreadsheet
  3. Choose the Responses sheet for your Google Form.
  4. Click Select
  5. Edit your preferences and Save
  6. Save your page.

As each new respondent submits, their answers will show up in the posted sheet so everyone can see and discuss.  This is a great way to create an archive of answers that future learners can benefit from.

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