Boost Performance with ISTE’s NETS for Technology Coaches -ISTE 2013

This session was presented by Dr. Jo Williamson & Dr. Traci Redish Kennesaw State University

The purpose of this session is to help tech coaches locate and understand the handouts, rubrics, and information for technology standards. The new NETS-C standards cover standards for Tech Coaches. The rationale behind the standards:

*Focuses on helping teachers, Providing PD
*Reflects recent literature in PD

Who are Tech Coaches?
*Those who provide direct support to teachers as they implement technology effectively to support teaching and learning.
*Technology Specialists, Technology Integration Specialists, Technology
Trainers, ICT coordinators, etc.
*Full-time coaches, part-time coaches, full-time teachers

NETS-C Standards (6)

1.  Visionary Leadership (4 elements)
2.  Teaching, Learning, & Assessment (8)*
3.  Digital-age Learning Environments (7)*
4.  Professional Development & Program
Evaluation (3)
5.  Digital Citizenship (3)
6.  Content Knowledge & Professional Growth (3)

These standards did not exist in the past, but with the movement toward more technology in the classroom, and the need for instructional technology coaches, they were developed.

Strategies for maximizing impact of tech coaches:

*Identify where coaches are needed.
*Identify specific coaching areas needing improvement
*Identify where coaches are performing well
*Identify where professional learning for coaches is needed.

The standards are performance standards and area guideline to explain the level at which effective tech coaches should be performing – Tech Coaches meet or exceed the standards.

There are also NETS-T standards that the speaker feels should be part of any teacher training program. Beyond this, there is a movement to establish or identify the need for tech coaches in schools. Many schools across the country do not have tech coaches. There is a big need as common core and tech integration grow. Communities need to find advocates to establish these positions in districts to assist veteran and beginning teachers with technology integration.

If you want more information on Tech Coaching:

Download the white paper from ISTE –
Instructional Coaching by Jim Knight -
Peer Coaching – Peer Ed

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