Flipped Instruction Resources

If you’re just thinking of flipping your classroom or have already done so and would like to take it to the next level, here are a few resources to think about.

Popcorn Maker- https://popcorn.webmaker.org/ this web tool from Mozilla allows teachers to transform flipped instruction videos into interactive learning tools. By having the ability to insert links, text, pictures and live feeds from the web, your instructional videos will take on a new life by giving your students the ability to interact with content as it is covered in the video.

TED -Ed – http://ed.ted.com/ – if you’re just starting out, creating a video for each piece of instruction in your curriculum can be daunting. YouTube has a wealth of informative and instructional videos available for use as a great starting point. Working from this base, TED-Ed allows you to flip videos by providing a direct link and adding questions, extension activities, and web quests to YouTube videos – all accessible by one URL and complete with tracking to give teachers a feel for overall student understanding.

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