The Teacher and the One iPad Classroom

Recently I ran across an article in twitter that discussed tips on teaching in the one iPad classroom. The article share several great tips and I thought I would continue the discussion by providing some of what I have learned along the way myself.

Splashtop – this app was mentioned in the above article and have to agree it is great. Available in the app store for $2.99 this app allows the teacher to utilize wifi to control their teacher desktop from anywhere in the room. While it requires a bit of installation to get started, you basically stream across the network to your computer and you can see your desktop (PC or MAC) on your iPad. Sort of like using the iPad as a slate.

Socrative– who needs clickers when students can respond to your questions on their own devices via this free app. Teachers download the socrative teacher app to their iPad to create and deploy questions. Student’s download the socrative student app to access your questions via a code given by you. What better way to employ #BYOD!

HDMI or VGA Out cable – Depending on which type (HD or VGA) LCD projector you have in your classroom, you can purchase a cable for $40 or less to connect and mirror content from your iPad onto your projected screen. This is great if you are teaching from keynote, trying to demo an app, or simply teaching from the web. The only caveat is that you are wired to your projector. If you don’t like that, you can go wireless by connecting Apple TV to your projector and using AirPlay.

Flipping with videos- planning on flipping your classroom this Fall? Try one of these apps (educreations, screenchomp, or explain everything) to record your lessons and offer them up as short bits of lecture/homework for your students.

Thanks to Think-Share-Teach for the inspiration for this entry! Enjoy the new school year!
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