There’s an App For That #ISTE12

Attended a forum for the ISTE Special Interest Group on Mobile Learning (SIGML). Presenters promoted use of the following website, which provides a resource list of apps for most any mobile platform (blackberry, iOS, android) and any age level (pre-k to PhD).
Many apps were presented, but discussion shifted very early on to the fact that we as teachers need to speak up and tell the publishers what content, interactive, video, etc, we would like to see in the educational apps we use. Results will happen if you ask.
A few of the super cool apps presented:
Frog Dissection by Emantras
Al Gore: Our Choice
Splashtop Presenter
Verbally – provides words and phrases and speaks them aloud for special needs kids.
News in Slow Spanish -actually a podcast – provides news commentary in Spanish -can be played at slower rate for Spanish learners. Available on iTunes.
Art Rage – painting tool for the iPad. Use a stylus!
Dropbox – cant stress enough how great this file storage app is! I use it myself. Access files anywhere.
Kobo – free books
Wattpad – free original stories
Skitch – Annotate over anything.
Puppet Pals – make your own Puppet play using characters and backdrops provided. Play back on iPad. Great for building creativity.
Check them out. The level of interactive content and productivity is wonderful.
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Location:ISTE 2012 San Diego, CA

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