Educreations – iPad App

Educreations is a simple and FREE app that gives you the freedom of an interactive whiteboard with the ability to record.  Let’s say you have something  you need to explain to your class.  With the Educreations app, you can use the whiteboard tools (pens and ability to add clip art) to record a short explanation on a topic, complete with audio.  When you are finished, you can upload it to the Educreations website

Settings allow you to share your finished video with the public or just your students.  A link is provided so that everything is seamless.  You will need to create a free Educreations account to use the app, but no login is required by your students to view your videos.  Once your account is setup, you are ready to record and post your lectures.  You can also create a course within Educreations to storehouse all of your videos.

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