Not the same old announcement…

Today I sat in on a training that provided quite a bit of information regarding the online classroom.  One tool that I ran across that I had to try was Voki.  This may be a tool you’ve heard of before, but if not, Voki is a great way to convey messages or announcements to  your online students in a non-traditional way.  If you’ve ever gotten the feeling that they just don’t respond to your online announcements, use an avatar from Voki.  Check out this one.  It took me five minutes to create it and post it on my blog.  If you’re interested in one with more bells and whistles, try Sitepal.  Also, move your mouse around the message below.  The avatar will follow your mouse movements.  Just something fun to change-up the online classroom or any website., 267, ‘899acf25fc007ed27f134ff62bc173dd’, 2675322, 1,”, 0);

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