As  I said in an earlier post, I am working on a class dealing with Differentiated Instruction.  Whether you’ve heard of it or not, it has become a mammoth task to develop a class on it in the sense that there is a great amount of information out there and I have had a hard time tackling it.  I can’t use everything out there, but I am trying to sift through and find the most informative and useful information.

I decided to post links to a few sites and articles I have found along the way.  Keep in mind, much of what is discussed are items we learned in college as educators – multiple intelligences, learning styles, etc….  None of this is really new.  However, I have found many recent articles on these topics as well as new articles on brain-based learning.  For starters, here is a video interview on learning with Sir Ken Robinson. Hopefully these are useful to some of you.

Sir Ken Robinson

Edutopia Learning Style Quiz
Multiple Intelligences Quiz
Brain Imagery and Learning Article
How the Brain Learns Best

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