Workshop Links

This is a list of the Internet Resources I passed out in my workshop previously this summer. I hope that as a teacher these links are helpful to you. There are many other resources available on the internet and I encourage you to search for others yourself. If you have resources of your own you’d like to share, add them to this post.

Make Your Own Online Quizzes

Eclipse Crossword Generator

Word Search Maker –

Jeopardy Template – 30 Q&A Jeopardy Template

“Who Wants to be a Millionaire” PowerPoint Template

True Or False Quiz template for PowerPoint

Other PowerPoint Game Templates –

Microsoft Office PowerPoint Background Templates –

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators –

Tips for Teachers –

Build your own Teacher Web Site – Free with 25MB storage space $27/year, easy to use, 10 MB storage space Free site with cheap upgrades Free Web Page for Teachers Google Page Creator – up to 100MB free.

Free 3d Text maker –

Free Government Resources for Teachers –

Free Resources for Teachers –

Survey Monkey –

Is PowerPoint Evil?

Online History Quizzes

Online Math Quizzes

Online Literature Quizzes
Mostly for young readers

Online French Grammar Quizzes

Online English Grammar Quizzes

Teach with Movies –

If I’ve forgotten something –
You can find it here.

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