Getting Started with Google Drive, Episode IV (The Beginning)

In preparation for next school year ( I know its only March, right!  But you’ve gotta start sometime), I decided to re-write some of our district online curriculum for Professional Development.  Specifically, I decided to re-shoot some of the Google Drive videos I had made in the past.

Rather than shoot 1 long video with several tips, I decided to break Google Drive down into several short videos, each focusing on a specific aspect of Drive.   I have been preaching this so long, but some of my original videos violated my own rule – specifically that flipped instruction needs to be kept to a minimum, in terms of time,  so as to avoid losing your audience.   In doing so, I am sharing these with Techy Coach followers.

Eventually, these videos will make their way into a PD course, using Google Classroom.  Please feel free to share these with your faculty and staff.  Please provide feedback by commenting on this article below.

Oh, and as for the title, if George Lucas can begin a saga at Episode IV, why can’t I?  There will be a few more videos to follow, so check back for another article….

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